Monday, January 17, 2011

Escaped Having a Possibly Fatal Accident

Just got home from church. On our way here on the M7 motorway (where it leaves Budapest and heads toward Budaƶrs), we were doing about 50 mph in the left lane and accelerating when a guy in a Lexus passed me on the right at high speed and cut in front of me sharply. Then with little more than one car length between our vehicles, he jammed on his brakes and nearly made a complete stop. I had to react in a split second and bear down hard on the brakes to avoid rear-ending him. We barely missed hitting him. He signaled with his arm that he wanted me out of his lane. All that just to punish us due to his road rage! He nearly caused a fatal accident with five children on board. As soon as he finished his swift move and hand signal, he sped off and disappeared from sight.

Actions like those of the Lexus driver are really evil and criminal in my opinion. He threatened the lives of a whole family because of his road rage and his desire for unhindered fast driving.

My initial reaction after avoiding the accident was to change lanes to the far right and slow down. I felt angry inside and was incredulous that the guy had actually just done what he did.

If he had just sworn at me or honked his horn, that would be tolerable. But a car can be a deadly weapon, and this man (through his recklessness) almost committed negligent homicide with it today. I forgive him and have prayed for his salvation. At least we're all alive with not a scratch on us or our van. Although I'd hate to see what my brakes look like now. Hopefully not purple-blue color and warped, but if they are, they can be replaced. Human lives can't.

Thank the Lord we are all safe. The Lord had his angels around us protecting us.